Hi, I’m Colin

My story is in three parts.

Part A

In the corporate world, I worked as Communications Coordinator, Training Manager and Operations Manager for large organisations in Australia.

Part B

I have been a semi-professional rock musician, award winning short film maker, stand-up comedian, bestselling children’s author and competitive public speaker.

Part A

Is how I paid my bills.

Part B

Is who I am.

Which brings me to part C.

In the business world I endured countless hours of bland, tedious, uninspiring speeches and presentations. Surely this doesn’t have to be the case! Surely, more speeches and presentations can be entertaining and inspiring.

I decided to do something about it.

Through experimentation and research, I got to understand what is needed to be an effective speaker.

I wrote a book on the subject and I pass on my learnings by example.

My artistic pursuits have helped mould my insight into how to thoroughly and passionately engage with audiences through storytelling and humour.

As an author, speaker and trainer, I have proved that these techniques work and they can be learned.


Sharing my knowledge and experience with YOU is my Part C.

I use stories, humour, unusual visual aids and an unconventional format to demonstrate how you and those around you can create speeches and presentation that maximise and magnify your expertise and knowledge and guarantee the audience leaves entertained, educated and truly energised.

Snippets from my Book

‘My purpose is to help YOU to make, what I call, an R.E.M. transition; to take you from “that’s me in the corner” to “that’s me in the spotlight”.’

‘When we recall our favourite teacher, we don’t remember what we were taught, we remember how we were taught.’

‘Get off the Blandwagon.’

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