I help speakers and presenters captivate their audience.

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How do I prove the idea that presentations that entertain, stimulate and disrupt are vastly more effective and inspirational than the mundane deliveries we endure far too regularly?

By example!

I use stories, humour, unusual visual aids and an unconventional format to demonstrate how you and those around you can create speeches and presentation that maximise and magnify your expertise and knowledge and guarantee the audience leaves entertained, educated and truly energised.

Not only will I capture the attention of the audience, I will instill in them the truth that they can do exactly the same!

What I Do

I deliver a message

I spent many years in the corporate world watching countless speakers, the vast majority of whom lost any influence with the audience by being dry and uninteresting.

What I did realise is that ones who did entertain, not only were more popular with the crowd, but also were exceedingly more successful in having their message heard, understood and acted upon.

What I Offer

My Services

20 – 90 min



Now That I Have your Attention

My Book

(How YOU can stand out as a speaker or presenter)

Distils my proven theories on audience engagement and delivers them in easy to digest portions for the reader to adopt and use in order to shine.

My presentation, based on the book, is nonlinear, interactive and filled with laughs and insight.

Attendees will leave with practical tools that will transform their presence and audience engagement.

Snippets from my Book

‘My purpose is to help YOU to make, what I call, an R.E.M. transition; to take you from “that’s me in the corner” to “that’s me in the spotlight”.’

‘When we recall our favourite teacher, we don’t remember what we were taught, we remember how we were taught.’

‘Get off the Blandwagon.’

So you know

What I don’t do

I do not speak virtually.
I have nothing against virtual learning, but I feel my subject matter dictates that we share a common space.

I do not use or teach Powerpoint
I do not dismiss PowerPoint as a tool, but my sole purpose is to make the speaker the centre of attention.

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